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I am excited about Mike running for District Judge and know he will make a positive difference in Bell County. He embodies the qualities of a great judge— experience, expertise, integrity & humility.  I have the utmost confidence that Mike is the best candidate for the 146th District Court Judge.
— Drayton McLane, Jr.

Mike Russell is an extremely competent lawyer. He has the even temperament that is essential for a good judge. More importantly, Mike cares about his clients, community and family, and he cares that fairness and justice are achieved through the legal process. I cannot think of any lawyer who would make a better judge than Mike Russell. — Thomas Baird
Baird Crews Law Firm

We're excited to support Mike Russell for judge.  He's a good man with a reputation of honesty and integrity.  And he's invested in our local Bell County community.  He's the kind of guy we need in the 146th District Court.

— Dave & Stephanie Covington
Covington Real Estate

Mike was our attorney for six years on a complex civil suit involving multiple parties. During that time we came to know him well and we can easily echo other endorsements that he is above all Professional, Honest and Extremely Fair. It speaks volumes when all parties agree with one attorney as they did in our case. This fact alone makes him ideal as a judge. — Lance & Tamara Starzyk
Former Client

I'm voting for Mike Russell because he is smart, honest, and caring, and he is an outstanding lawyer. Mike will serve Bell County with integrity and humility. — Bob Browder

I'm supporting Mike Russell for Judge because I know him personally and can attest that he is a fair and honest man that I can trust to carry out the duties of our judicial system with wisdom and integrity.

— Tyler Johnson
Alliance Bank

The 146th District Court requires a judge with an extensive background in complex civil litigation. I have known Mike Russell professionally for many years and can assure you that he is qualified for this position. — Jamey Secrest
Attorney, Secrest Law Firm

Mike is a man of faith and family, both require unwavering devotion. He is calm, cool, and collected when faced with challenges resulting in reasonable, unbiased decision-making. Bell County needs and deserves a judge with such qualities. His knowledge and experience make him the best person for the position. Mike has my full support. — Raymond Hamden

Mike's experience in civil litigation and family court over the past 18 years makes Mike Russell the strongest candidate for the 146th court. I wholeheartedly support Mike for Judge
— Steve Brischke
Baird Crews Law Firm

"As a family law attorney in Bell County for almost ten years, I believe we need an elected Judge that knows the laws, will listen to all evidence and witnesses, and make a fair decision. Mike Russell is a great, knowledgeable attorney that will do just that.”  — Brittany Darby
Harrell, Stoebner, Russell

I've practiced law with Mike for eight years. I consider him a mentor and friend. There is not a lawyer in Bell County that is more qualified to be judge of the 146th District Court. — Tad Allen
Attorney/Partner, Harrell Stoebner & Russell PC

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